Hydrogen Projects

Fiorentini UK Ltd are involved in many hydrogen projects currently going on, as well as plans for the future to reduce or carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Hydrogen is the future, the government have

announced on their ‘ten point plan’ See here.
Hydrogen is the alternative to greenhouse gas methane because when produced it doesn’t give off any carbon emissions, only water.

H21 – Northern Gas Networks

Fiorentini UK Ltd will provide an HP [1,300 PSI] to IP [100 PSI] pressure regulator skid unit (Operated @2400 SCFM) to be used with 100% hydrogen gas for Northern Gas networks. This is one of the first hydrogen projects which is set to demonstrate how hydrogen can be used as an alternative to green house gas, Methane to heat our homes. This is a huge step into the governments target of having 0 carbon emissions by 2050. 


Spadeadam – FutureGrid


In partnership with National Grid & Northern Gas Networks


100% hydrogen station provided in our factory in Italy


Project commence 2021-2024

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