Ultrasonic 100%
Hydrogen Meter

For the UK to meet its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, a more ‘radical’ proposition is required. The name of this proposition is Hydrogen. We lead the charge by being awarded a key government tender (from BEIS) to develop SMETS 2 capable and Smart DCC ready domestic hydrogen meters. Gas companies will now be able to use our meters to make a smoother transition to hydrogen.

Whether they supply a blend of hydrogen and methane or 100% hydrogen. This unique achievement is also complemented by our recent deployment of the world’s first 100% Hydrogen Station in the UK With much more to come, we are best placed to contribute towards the UK’s objective of a more prosperous, stronger and greener economy.

SMETS2 Ultrasonic 100% Hydrogen meter


Ultrasonic Meter (high accuracy AC 1.5)


Zigbee dual band: 2.4 GHz and 868 MHz


Be used with pure Hydrogen or natural gases. Switching between gases without any additional intervention




Valve inside the meter with management of Excess Flow


Meter protocol (Alarms, warnings)


Battery life 15 years

Pietro Fiorentini’s contribution to the hydrogen chain

Hydrogen is an element that can currently only be injected into the pipeline network and mixed with natural gas up to certain percentages. Our commitment is to create systems and devices that increase this mixing percentage, a technological challenge that will open up incredible opportunities for the development of more sustainable energy.

Pietro Fiorentini began its hydrogen-journey in December 2018, by taking part in the Hy4Heat project conference in London. The United Kingdom has stated its goal to become fossil fuel independent by 2050 and achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions. The Hy4Heat project aims to verify the safety and technical and economic feasibility of replacing methane gas with 100% hydrogen within domestic/industrial networks.

The plan is divided into ten Work Packages, which are assigned to companies through public tenders. Pietro Fiorentini has participated in the tenders and been assigned two Work Packages: one to develop a domestic meter (whose prototype certified for installation is expected during 2021) and one related to the development of auxiliary systems present upstream of the meter (pressure stabilisers, shut-off valves, and overflow valves). The two projects have allowed our Company to acquire expertise and confirm its presence in the emerging hydrogen market.

UK Hy4Heat programme: hydrogen smart meters and components for domestic use will be provided by Pietro Fiorentini

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